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Russian Brides: Your Path to Family Happiness

Have you ever thought why so many men fall for beautiful Russian brides instead of marrying their local matches? After all, it seems a bit extreme to consult a dating website instead of just finding a good match the old-fashioned way. Some would even say that using dating services is a desperate act. The reality, however, is somewhat different. Online dating offers a chance to widen one’s horizons and find great partners that would make a truly perfect match — as opposed to settling for someone who simply happens to be close-by.

In the case of Russian brides, this notion becomes even more obvious. These mysterious ladies are justly considered some of the best and the most desirable brides in this world. They are smart, energetic, and undeniably beautiful. They are amazing mothers and excellent homemakers, and their kind and humorous tempers make Russian women for marriage unique finds any gentlemen would appreciate.

If you’ve never thought of getting yourself a foreign bride over a dating agency, read on. We will explain some facts about Russian mail order brides, why they are such great wives, as well as describe reliable sites where you can find these gorgeous beauties.

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Main facts about Russian mail order brides

First, do not think that you can mail order Russian brides as if they were some shipping items in an online store. The whole ‘mail order bride’ term does not mean you can literally buy a Russian bride and have her delivered to your doorstep. What it truly means is that you can join a dating site that specializes hot Russian brides, chat with these ladies online and maybe even marry one of them in the future — if you two can make it work. Think of it as a Russian brides club if you will.

But why would one even want to join such a club? We all know that Russia is not the most advanced country and definitely not the safest one, right? Well, yes and no. Gentlemen who believe that beautiful Russian women would consent to marry anyone just to get out of their oppressive homeland are mentally stuck somewhere in the Cold War period. Today, however, Russia is highly developed country, and even though it does have its fair share of problems (like any pretty much any other country in the world), it’s not such a bad place to live in.

So, if Russian girls are not after your Green Card, what it is they want so far from homes? One of the primary reasons why single Russian women join marriage site is that they simply look for better life partners than they could possibly find at home. There are several reasons why Russian ladies get disappointed in the local men. The first one has to do with the demographic situation in the country. Ever since WWII, the male-female population has been unevenly skewed, with women outnumbering the men. Over the decades of this demographic injustice, men grew so spoiled by the beautiful women’s attention that they now think they do ladies a blessing by marrying them.

The reality, once again, is different because it’s always the man who benefits from marrying a Russian bride. This is another reason why plenty of hot Russian women are trying their luck abroad. In Russia, a lady is supposed to be in charge of the house and the family, even when working a full-time job. What’s truly surprising is that these amazing ladies can easily cope with both. It is, however, the lack of appreciation for their efforts that drives them online, in search of a partner who would acknowledge her family input instead of taking her for granted.

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What to expect from a Russian wife?

Of course, it’s good to know that Russian girls are not after your Green Card or money, but still — do Russian women make good wives? After all, the mere fact that they can work a job and run a house does not automatically mean they make great life partners. Well, get ready to cast all your doubts aside; here is just a preview of what a man can expect from most Russian wives.

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Smart and supporting partner by your side

Russian women are well-educated and more intelligent than most men care to admit. Still, most of them do not see that a reason to be stuck-up — differently from most American ladies. When they marry someone, they are smart enough to understand that a couple should work and act in unison. While both parties remain independent adults, responsible for their own decisions, it is still crucial to come to terms on decisions that concern you both. And, of course, for a Russian girl, family means support. So, a wife like this will do her best to offer you a shoulder when you need it and will expect the same thing in return.

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Excellent cook and organized homemaker

Russian mail order wives know a thing or two about keeping the house. As already mentioned, their excellent time-management skills allow most of these ladies to combine household chores with working a full-time job. Obviously, you should understand how much practice, organization, patience, and — most of all — determination it takes. So, you can already imagine how wonderful these women are. Another important bonus is her cooking. For most Russian women, cooking is a passion. This means that your dinners will not just be delicious but also diverse. When given a chance, she will gladly experiment with new recipes — to her husband’s great delight.

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Attentive and responsible mother to your children

This is yet another reason why Russian women brides become ever more popular in Western countries. They make amazing mothers — not only for your own children but also to any kids you may already have. Of course, her own kids with you will be more precious, but this does not mean she will become an evil stepmother — that’s simply not the kind of woman. Russians are loving and compassionate, and any children she raises will be taken care of. A Russian wife is one of those mothers who can love kids without spoiling them.

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Simply fascinating lady to be around

The last (but totally not the least) reason why so many single men choose to date Russian women is that these gorgeous ladies are simply fun to be around. They are witty, resourceful, and can intellectually stimulate any man, regardless of his social status and education. Besides, Russian women always take good care of their looks, and if you ever marry a lady from Russia, you will unlikely see her wearing old or dirty clothes — not even at home. She’s not the kind of person to stick to her bathrobe for hours — she has way more self-respect (not to mention her sense of the aesthetics) than that.

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How to find hot Russian brides online

By now, you should be pretty excited to explore the fascinating world of Russian women dating. The only question — how to do it right? We already mentioned that you could find plenty of eligible singles on Russian mail order brides platforms. However, you may already know that marriage services operate on a commercial basis, and wonder why you must pay a dating agency for communicating with the potential bride.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to consult a paid platform to chat with Russian women online. One can always find free dating sites that can introduce you to foreign ladies. Still, you must understand that by using a free dating platform, you are hardly ever protected from online fraud. Free sites do not invest that much into security and often leave most user profiles unverified. Simply put, you never know who you’re talking to and what their real intentions are.

With a professional dating service, however, things are quite different. Such website will charge users a little something for their services, but in turn, they will put your money to good use. Most importantly, professional marriage sites run local divisions where brides are interviewed in person. The site management would ask for their ID and proof that they are indeed single or divorced. Plus, managers will regularly check in with the brides to make sure that their profiles have not been hacked, and that the lady behind the account is still the person who manages all communication on the site.

Such strict security measures are the primary reason to contact paid websites when looking for Russian brides online. Still, there is more; any reputable service will make sure user experience is not just safe, but also enjoyable. Find out more features a reputable dating agency should offer in the paragraphs below.

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Things to expect from a trustworthy dating site

  • Detailed, attractive user profiles. When you register with a reputable service (the signup should not cost you a dime), you should see at least some preview of the beautiful women’s profiles. You will also notice that plenty of these young women’s photos have been taken professionally. That’s the standard practice with marriage sites who really invest in their work — they make all profiles presentable. That’s also why they encourage Russian brides to fill in a lot of personal details about themselves, as well as their relationship goals.
  • Sophisticated search algorithms. Carefully filled-in profiles are accompanied by complex search algorithms that make your search for a perfect match mathematically precise. So, we suggest that you have some idea of what your ideal wife should be. This way, you’ll really have a chance to fine-tune those search parameters and find only the most suitable matches for you.
  • Plenty of communications means to choose from. Website interactivity will mostly depend on the actual platform — and there are plenty of websites that work with beautiful Russian brides. However, most sites will offer clients a variety of communications means — from emails to live video chats.
  • Flexible payment system. Registration and profile browsing should be free of charge, but when you do decide to get in touch with the ladies, you’ll have to pay. Once again, the prices and the billing logic will depend on the site. Still, most platforms will offer you to pay a subscription fee for unlimited communication with the ladies and pay for any additional services (like gifts or flower delivery, for example) only when you need them.
  • Help with travel arrangements. Speaking of additional services, most dating websites will gladly offer you a hand with arranging your trip to Russia. They can help you find affordable flights and accommodation, as well as English-speaking guides if you need them. If you visit several ladies, they will also book internal flights or train tickets — this should be an easier and more affordable option than getting those on international booking sites.
  • Help with your bride’s marriage visa. When you find that one-and-only among several hot Russian brides, you can also count on the agency’s help with marriage and relocation. For an extra fee, professional marriage site can take most visa paperwork off your shoulders. In the meantime, you’ll have an opportunity to relax and spend some stress-free time with your lovely Russian bride.
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Takeaway on Russian women dating

Sites offering to mail order Russian brides are, essentially, international dating platforms. This means, you’re supposed to charm one of these amazing ladies to marry you, which takes time and effort. Still, most single gentlemen manage to find a good match within a year or so.

If you want to boost your chances of success, we recommend talking to several ladies instead of focusing on just one a time. First, it will help you wrap your head about Russian women, their mentality and world outlook. Second, it’s just statistically unlikely that the first lady you meet will be a perfect fit.

Also, do not forget that Russian brides are searching for loving husbands, so always treat them with respect. If you do, finding a beautiful Russian woman to marry should not be a problem.

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